If you love beautiful letters & sharing your knowledge with others

Capital Calligraphers is the place for you. We're a non professional group who have in common a deep appreciation for beautifully crafted letters and a sincere desire to share with each other the skills needed to create them. Join us, please.

Capital Calligraphers is the place for you

Capital Calligraphers was formed on April 21, 1977, for the purpose of promoting calligraphy in the greater Salem area and to encourage calligraphers to come out of hiding and gain self-confidence in their craft. To that end we sponsor meetings, classes and workshops. We also demonstrate and organize shows to promote calligraphy to the public.

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Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are free and open to anyone interested in learning about calligraphy.

We learn from each other

Western calligraphy was once a lost art. Centuries ago it was a practical and lucrative skill however it was made obsolete by advancing technology and industrial printing. The knowledge and skills needed to produce it died out little by little with each succeeding generation until finally it had almost vanished completely from the earth. Through great effort and study it was ressurected as an art form by those who appreciated the beauty of it. If we do not want history to repeat itself we must put forth effort to share what we know with those few who are willing to learn.

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